The Meaning Behind P41P4A

The phrase, “Pray for One, Pray for All” was birthed by eight friends, formerly college teammates, who through their continued communication sought to support each other and their local communities during personal and societal challenges.

The statement came about during the time of a tense political climate, racial division and the fight for equality, and in the midst of a global pandemic. Lives were lost, sacrifices were made, and people suffered physically, financially, and emotionally.

Frustrated and saddened by the response to difficulties, differences, and a lack of empathy to the struggle of others, someone stated that all they could do was pray.
During their social media communication, one person stated that we needed to pray for each other…individually and collectively…and the statement stuck.

As you experience the ups and downs of life, sometimes, all you can do is pray. And when you do, pray for one, and pray for all.

Our Definition

The definition tee was created to summarize the basic meaning of the pray for one pray for all statement.
Pray for One Pray for All (verb)
The understanding that everyone – individually and communally – experiences:
success; failure, confidence; doubt, peace; worry,
happiness; sadness, health; sickness, comfort; challenge,
and the selfless action taken to express thankfulness and an empathetic care for their needs


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